Unofficial May 2018 BCTS Contest: Fairy Kiss-and-Tales

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So who's ready for another not-in-any-way-sanctioned-by-management story contest?

Melanie E.'s Fairy Kiss-and-Tale Contest

Dates: May 1st 2018 - May 31st 2018

Everyone loves a little romance, and everyone loves a good fairy tale, right? Well, here's your chance to write your own mash-up of the two!

The challenge is to write a one-part romantic fairy tale. That's right, no chapters, no serials, no continuations or side-stories or connection to any other established universe or series! One-posting, standalone stories only here folks!

There are a few minor restrictions to keep in mind though:
--No stories that bear a rating higher than film equivalent PG-13.
--Really, PG-13. Consider what this implies in terms of character ages, etc. for whatever content you choose to include.
--No fanfiction, and re-interpretations of classic tales should be thoroughly different enough to show creativity.
--As always, at least one member of the romantic couple involved should be part of the LGBTQI spectrum.

That's it! Any length is fine, provided your story is complete in and of one singular posting, and the deadline for stories for the contest is midnight (your local time) on the 31st of May. All entries should have a custom tag of "Fairy Kiss and Tale" in their tags section, for easy finding later, as well as specifically state their intent for inclusion in the contest in their introduction.

EDIT: Milady Erin herself has added an actual contest tag for us, "2018-04 Melanie E.'s Fairy Kiss-and-Tale Contest," so use that rather than a custom tag. It'll be easier for everyone :)

But what about prizes, you ask? Why yes! One week after the deadline is complete I will look over all entries and compare kudos. Two three-month hatbox subs will be awarded to the top two most highly-voted stories! In addition to that, I'm working with another site author to try and organize a series of BCTS compilation books to help raise funds for the site, and, should this contest go well, most or all of the entries may be up for consideration for such a volume in the near-ish future if the authors so wish!

I've been a bit lax in my site participation the last few months. Let's see if we can change that for the better, shall we? I'm not gonna lie, part of my reasoning for sponsoring something like this is to try and see the site get a few more stories along the lines of my own tastes, but hey, if I'm gonna ask for that kinda thing I might as well be willing to pay for it right?

Melanie E.


Good Luck Melanie

I am glad someone else is doing these now: I have retired from doing them. I hope you get a ton of good entries :)

Grade each one thoroughly too :)


Shortest entry on record ^J^

Wasn't the actress on the Empire State Building with the big monkey a Fey? And I heard he was TG too.

Is this too short a submission?

Fails to meet criteria.

A) Was not posted within contest dates.
B) Fanfiction.
C) The most important infraction: you can't get likes/kudos/whatever-they-are-now on a comment :)

Melanie E.

Contest tag created

erin's picture

The minimum "official" sanction for a contest. :)

Fairy Tail


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