Dear Commentator

I saw your comment on Amazon about the “book” that I wrote. “Swifter, Higher, Stronger

You stated, “This is an excellent story by Angela that wastes a lot of potential by not giving us even more. We get vignettes of the protagonist's life when we could have had stories. What's here is very good. What's missing would have made this book gold medal quality.”

This story was never meant to be a book. It was written to be a novelette.

I suggested to Erin that she package a few of my sports-related novelettes in one book.

In addition to allowing her to publish several stories that had appeared on BC over the years, I also wrote a new short story for her to include.

The people at Doppler Press made the editorial decision to publish this story as a standalone book. They felt it would sell better as a standalone.
(It's my understanding they will publish the other stories in two other books.)

Erin asked me before they did it and I agreed. I don’t get any of the proceeds from the sale of these books, hoping the sales will help Erin keep BC vibrant. Since I’m not taking a cut, who am I to say "no?"

I apologize to you for the “book” being too short. If I’m writing a novel I usually use 70K to 80K as my target length and understand how you could feel the way you do.

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