In the near future, DOPPLERPRESS will publish Baseball Annie.

This will be the fiftieth title published by DOPPLERPRESS.

Baseball Annie will be the sixth book they have published that I’ve authored. Only two other authors have had more books published by them than I have, which means I have an opinion based on multiple interractions.

As you might expect from an Erin-driven operation, DOPPLERPRESS has been extremely author-friendly. I’m especially pleased by the covers they’ve created for my novels.

When I’ve had questions during the process, they’ve always been answered quickly and with great concern.

I’m not able to state anything about the accuracy and timeliness of royalty payments because I’ve donated my proceeds to Erin for the support of BC.

DOPPLERPRESS understands that my stores are my babies, and treats them gently.

Baseball Annie is an important “baby” to me. It was through Baseball Annie that I got to know Erin. Erin read Baseball Annie on Fictionmania -- and asked if I would consider posting it on Big Closet. We have been friends ever since (I’m estimating over fifteen years) and I’ve posted my stories exclusively on BC for years, although Erin's never asked for an exclusive. As such, my relationship with Erin is now one of my longest sustained friendships.

I suppose Baseball Annie is a classic or some sort given the many years it has been published online. When Erin approached me to publish it through DOPPLERPRESS I wondered if it has marketability. She assured me that there are many thousands of potential readers on Amazon that have never read the older stories on BC.

Erin has shared with us that it is her dream to grow DOPPLERPRESS to the point that it would sustain BC. I’m eager to help her toward that goal and encourage other authors to consider talking to Erin about ways DOPPLERPRESS can work with them.


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