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The contest has officially closed (and been so for several hours too!)

We've had ten excellent entries, and now it's time for you readers to really make your mark! Just click on the tag for the contest above to go to a list with all the stories. Read them, and vote for your favorite ones!

There is no limitation of voting for a single story here; every story you enjoy, make sure to click that thumbs-up for to show the author your appreciation. I'll announce the winners of the contest next Sunday, and the top two most-voted stories will each receive a subscription to the hatbox.

Unfortunately we didn't get enough entries to warrant an additional kick to the 'box on top of everything else, but maybe next contest we can achieve that 'un. And, hey, to anyone who was working on a story and didn't finish in time: post it anyway! Sure, it might not get the contest tag, but a good story is a good story no matter what.

Keep your eyes peeled for our winners, and here in about 2 weeks I'll announce my plans for another contest through the month of July. In the mean time, good writing for all!

Melanie E.


All great stories

And I voted for all of them with one exception :) I've always felt the Kudos count as the best way to tell how well a story is liked, so I never vote for myself (of course there are the accidental self votes due to how often I click the button for others)

I had high hopes that we could get enough submissions to create a book of short stories that could be published and the proceeds go toward BC. Maybe the next contest could be along the same "Fantasy/fairy" lines so we work toward getting enough stories for book length?

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I didn't enter the contest but Rasufelle is certainly welcome to use it in a collection if she so desires. It was quick and a lot of fun to write. I've been struggling with the sequel. I'm definitely not a continued story book writer by any stretch of the imagination.
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