There's going to be no chapter update this week. I do have the next chapter finished---Ch.3 is ready to go---but I've made no headway on the story at all last week. Suffice to say, the last few days of the week were hell. I had to deal mostly with a selfish bitch of a friend who wants everything her way and won't let anyone else contribute. I know its a game and all but when someone WANTS to do everything in said game and get's pissed off when she can't...its ridiculous. "I feel worthless" -_-.

Then my brother and our roommate got into another one of their rage filled screaming matches. This time all my friends on Discord were able to hear it. My selfish friend stepped up though and called the cops because I think she thought my life was in danger. It was a pretty bad screaming match. The cops showed up but the argument was over. They took statements, my brother tried to have them to ask our roommate to leave but because she wasn't there for 30 days there was nothing the cop could do legally. It was a mess. Then my brother got mad at me for calling them, mad at my friend when I said she did it.

To add insult to injury, my friend blamed me for it all. She thought she was going to get charged with a False police report, get a misdemeanor on her record and lose her financial aid to college. After the week I was having with her being a selfish you-know-what, I kinda snapped on her. I lost her friendship over it. I lost the friendship of all my Discord gaming buddies too because "I'm a coward that needs to stop overreacting and I need to fight my own battles"...blah, blah, blah...One of the guys even wanted me to beat the hell out my brother. Which in New York is very illegal by the being Assault and Battery.

So no chapter this week because I want to finish writing Ch.4 before posting Ch.3.

I'm upset at myself for saying what I did to her but I let the anger over the week reach a boiling point. I think I'm in the wrong :(.

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