BC Should Charge Authors for Posting

Big Closet is true to its mission to be A friendly place to read, write and discuss Transgender Fiction. However, in order to execute that mission, Big Closet must fiscally sound.

Every month Erin sounds the alarm – and every month the same small group gives financial support. Relying on so few for so much is a recipe for disaster.

Nothing is going to change, unless change is provoked.

I know how crazy this is going to sound, but maybe it’s time to start charging people to post their fiction.

(((I’m already ducking . . . assuming the tomatoes that will be tossed my way for suggesting such heresy.)))

Content is a life-blood of a website.

Yet – BC needs money one heckuva lot more than it needs “excess” content.

I use the term “excess” because I doubt that anyone reads more than fifteen to twenty percent of the current posted new content.

Writers need readers. Authors will almost universally state that they write for themselves, but many of them would be lost without the appreciation that comes from kudos and comments on their work.

Writers need public exposure to force them to improve their writing. BC is one big writer’s clinic offering a community of people who readily help new authors.

Many BC writers are using BC for self-promotion to sell their books. They might be willing to pay to place their writing as an advertisement for their commercial offerings.

BC could offer to place three free stories for new authors and then charge $25 thereafter for each additional story -- $10 for each part of a saga. I estimated annual revenue of about $10,000 to $15,000 with maybe a 25% drop in new content.

Just a thought.


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