Just over a week left on the 2018 Staycation story contest!

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Just a reminder to people that the Staycation story contest closes entries on Tuesday, July 31st at Midnight whatever-the-heck-your-local-time-zone-is, so if you've got an entry waiting to be written then hop to it, and if you've got one waiting to get posted, then what's the hold up huh?


Vote tallying for all qualified entries will be done on Sunday, August 5th, with prizes being doled out to the contest's winners the following weekend. On top of the two prizes -- a 3-month Hatbox sub for each of the two top-voted stories -- I will ALSO be donating an additional dollar to the hatbox for each entry we have by then, currently sitting at a whopping 13! On top of that, I've had a mystery donor offer to equal every dollar of the result, so right now we're looking at 26 dollars in extra funds for the hatbox!

For everyone who's entered so far, thank you. You're all fantastic, and I've been really enthused by the mix of new and old talent who've stepped up to the plate on this. And, if you're out there and haven't entered, either because you don't think you're good enough or don't think you can win, then think about this: win, lose, whatever the results, since I'm donating money for every entry that means that every entry we get helps keep the site around in a very real way, so don't let a little stage fright scare ya away from contributing.

Keep up the good work peeps! I love you all.

Melanie E.



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Being the winter caretaker of a remote mountain resort seemed like a perfect paid vacation. All by my lonesome, I could exlore my female side for three whole months. This was going to be a dream come true!

When a helicopter was forced down into the parking lot by the first heavy storm of winter I realized someone was going to need shelter, and overcoming my embarrassment over how I was dressed I went out to greet them. But when the pilot was shot and tossed out onto the ground and I saw the six passengers were armed and all wearing the orange jumpsuits from a super-max prison a hundred miles down the hill I realized I was in trouble. My unwelcome guests were amused to have a "bitch" to boss around and satisfy their carnal needs until they saw fit to murder me too!

But I was determined not to take this situation lying down, and when I got a chance I ran and hid in the vast building, searching for anything I might use for a weapon. In The Desperate Hours that followed I knew it was either kill or Die Hard!

Well that's the set-up. I couldn't write an action thriller like this to save my life
(and especially not in the time that remains until the contest deadline);
But if anyone wants this "desperate-game-of-cat-and-mouse" story,
SLAYCATION (or whatever title you want) is all yours...
~yippie kay aye, motherfucker! Veronica

(Extra points if you find transgender ways to dispatch the villains-
a hairspray flame thrower, a brassiere slingshot, etc...)

MS McCLane?

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Transgender mermaids are always welcome


To be alive is to be vulnerable. Madeleine L'Engle
Love, Andrea Lena

Better winter than Halloween,

Better winter than Halloween, then it'd be a slaycation

I'm told STFU more times in a day than most people get told in a lifetime

Ghost Writer

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A lot of well known people such as Obama, Hillary, etc use ghost writers to write their books and then they cash in when they had very little to do with any of it. Personally I have no idea how a writer can shift their mindset to writing as another person. Even when I'm writing in first person, that is "me" in that story. Thus I could never shift over to another person's mind trying to write what they want everyone to believe about them. That takes a special writer's skill I don't have.
Life is meant to be lived. Not worn until it's worn out.

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My sincere appologies if you were offended

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It was my intent only to say a story, fiction, non fiction, autobiography, etc.is considered penned by a ghost writer if he or she wrote the story after it was outlined to them by another. A story synopses is proposed, by one person, another, whether paid or not, picks it up and fleshes it out. The original teller of the story may or may not wish to have their name published as the author. The ghost writer may be named the author. In the legal forms as the original author may or may not, claim a percentage of royalty. It will be abundantly clear to all before the story hits the presses who is or isn't getting paid.

In the publishing world every editor will ask before even considering a story or book, "Did you write this yourself? Did you have help? Is this your work and your idea?"

Editors learned after several lawsuits to ask after being sued for printing something another person claimed was their idea or efforts. If an author had help or a ghost writer, "EVERYONE" gets a sheaf of legal forms to sign.

Dropping stories in on BC none of this really matters does it. Claiming legal rights over a story someone else suggested or published would turn into a momentary drain neither party would care for since the majority of the stories are freely posted.
Life is a gift. Treasure it until it's time to return it.

Oklahoma born and raised cowgirl