Staycation Story Contest Winners!

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It's time to announce the winners of the July story contest!

We had a lot of great entries this time around. I want to make sure every last author who wrote for the contest knows just how much I appreciate their hard work. It's the stories that keep a site like BCTS alive, and without your dedication and effort none of us would have this wonderful place to call home.

Now, on to our entries! We had 15 wonderful stories officially entered for the contest as well as a couple of "unofficial" ones as well. Chalk that up to a total of let's say 17 stories total, shall we? Given I have a generous co-donator this time 'round that makes for a grand total of 34 dollars going to the site's coffers before the prizes are even doled out, hooray! And all thanks to the following tremendous people:

Dorothy Colleen
Melanie Brown
Emma P
Donna T
Leslie Moore
Bronwen Welsh
Ray Drouillard
Samantha MD
Karen Lockhart
Jennifer Sue
Elle Jay

Give 'em all a big hand, please!

Unfortunately, this being a contest and all, prizes can only go to a couple of our entries. Of our 15 entries only 14 qualified for voting (since one author entered twice; I'm counting it for the donation total but only the highest voted story gets considered for prize calculations.) We had a lot of really highly-voted stories this time around too! Of all the stories we received, though, the two highest voted total were:

"Mouse," by Leslie Moore, at 231 votes

"Staycation - Hacked Off?," by Samantha MD, at 226 votes

Congratulations, authoresses! I get paid on Thursday, so (unless something goes horribly wrong) I will be delivering your prizes the following Friday or Saturday. Prizes are being awarded as 3 month Hatbox subscriptions, giving you access to a world of premium stories right here!

Another big thanks to everyone who participated. Every one of you, whether as a reader, voter, or a writer, has helped to make our site what it is today.

Tune in next weekend for the announcement of September's contest!

Melanie E.



You are too much. This was an easy story to write. I just went back and reread a bunch of your stories and asked myself, What Would Stacy Write?

Oh... so close...

But congrats Leslie and to everyone who entered AND who commented and voted on the stories.
Without the readers, the contest would be a non event.

Oh, and a big cheer must go to Rasufelle for organising it.



I loved reading everyone's submission. It's amazing how many different takes there were on a single theme.

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed my nugget and voted for it. Nice to hit the target with your eyes closed.

BigCloset is a warm and welcoming place to sit down and relax. Congrats to Samantha MD and thanks to Rasufelle for organizing the party!

Bless all of you,


My heartfelt congratulations

Monique S's picture

to both, Leslie and Samantha. If I had been a juror, I would not have known wich one to prefer so I voted both in any case. Welle done, sweeties!


Monique S