UPDATE: And That's That

UPDATE #2: The city wouldn't go for it. They wouldn't go for any of the suggestions in the comments either. Thanks for the help. It was worth a shot. They suggested we get a lawyer. As of right now, I still have 30 days to vacate the house.

UPDATE: My brother explained the situation to his boss---a man he's known for years---and the boss wants us to bring him a list of how much money is owed. He's agreed to pay it off if we agree to take action to get the home put in our names.

Original Blog:

Well I thought everything with my house had been handled. I was under the impression my cousin took care of the tax issue a year ago. I was wrong. Here it is almost a year after my great aunt's passing and I just received a letter in the mail today: I have 30 days to vacate the premise or be removed by the authorities. I'm at a lose as to what to do. I have NO WHERE to go. I'm scared I might finally end up homeless after all :(.

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