Writing and Life

After everything that's happened in my life lately---the eviction looming chief among them---I think I need a break. I've been giving it a lot of thought lately and I'm not happy. Not just with writing either. I took a long look at my life the other day and I realized its dull. I wake up in the morning and do the SAME NOTHING EVERY day. Its not a life I'm proud of. There's no purpose to it.

I used to enjoy my life. I used to love playing my games. I used to love writing. I think I HATE them now. I was discussing it with one of my fellow writers here. Once writing became integral to my life and my income, I found myself enjoying it less and less. It suddenly became something I had to do and less something I wanted to do. I've begun to notice the quality of my writing changing too. I'm sure most of the readers here will tell me differently. But I've taken a look at some of my earlier work here and there's passion in them. The stories and fun and vibrant and well written. My latest stories are bland to me. I struggle to even write 10 chapters when I used to be able to accomplish 20. Every idea of mine seems stale and over used. When I do come up with one I like, I NEVER seem to be able to finish it and I have a hard time inserting some kind of gender change or transgender element into it.

Its NOT how I want things.

So this is me announcing I'm taking a break. I have one more fully written chapter of my current story done. If anyone wants me to post it, let me know and I will. Just know there is no more after that. The story ran out of steam for me. The ideas were flowing for a while until I did too much thinking.

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