Life in General

The last blog I wrote, I was in a pretty depressed state. I'm still not doing great but life is getting better. I'm finally out of my great aunt's house. A place of hell for me for the past five years. This last year the worst of it after her shocking passing. My older brother and I are finally 95% moved out of there. We're in a new place, its a big room, lots of natural light---3 nice windows. I have a lot of space here too. My old room was so cramped and I felt like the walls were closing in on me.

2 bad things happened LOL: I broke my big screen TV so I'm stuck with a tiny one and I left my bed frame behind because it was a twin and far too small for me. I'm currently sleeping on just a mattress on the floor like in an anime :D.

I'm hoping my life brightens enough that I can finally start to write something again.

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