Merry Christmas!

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Xmas Card 2018.jpg

Happy Holidays! From me and my family to you and yours.

Merikurisumasu, soshite, Hapinyuiya!

It’s just past midnight, Christmas Eve here in beautiful Kyoto - my family is spending two weeks here, visiting with my in-laws and spending our holiday here (we’re scheduled to leave on the 28th). Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful 25th.

The pictures in my BigCloset Christmas card collage are as follows:
center - outside the Miyako Messe Convention Center
lower right - the Arashiyama Hanatouro Festival in the Bamboo Forest in western Kyoto
top right - ginormous Christmas tree at the Kyoto Station, near Isetan Dept. Store
top center - Nagura Park
upper left - in front of the Kyoto Doshisha University Building
lower left - chicken from the Kentucky Fried Chicken Nishikyogoku branch (and, yep, they STILL say “Kentucky Fried Chicken”)
And then I threw the anime girl in for fun, as my avatar picture


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