Withdraw CMC from Reader Retention Contest

A word from our sponsor:

I am sorry to say I must pull my story, Cindy at Music Camp, from the 2019 Reader Retention Story Contest.

I tried to finish the story in January, but I can not. I have 19,474 words on 49 pages in my word processor. 7 full chapters written and 6 posted. I am aiming for no more than 10 chapters, but I don't know if I can pull that off. Chapter 7 has caused me more problems than the others. I have edited it twice, and I think I am going to cut out a large portion of the chapter. I am here to write a good story, so to do that, I need more time than I have within the month to finish the story. This means that I must pull the story from the contest.

I will keep writing and posting the story. Thank you for reading.

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