Kudos Votes for Eureka!

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“So,” Jess said to Nick, Winston, Schmidt and Coach, “what do you think?”

Nick was looking very skeptical. “I don’t know, Jess… I mean, the Story Retention Contest’s over…”

“Well, Yes,” CeCe said, “the contest is over, but the voting isn’t. That means people can still click the Kudos button, and -“

“Yeah!” Jess said, “so that means there’s still a chance for entries in the contest to win!”

“And you want us to vote for this story, ‘Eureka,’” Winston said.

“Yep! ’Eureka: The Day’s Not Over, Yet.’ We gotta give it a chance!" She pointed at the poster she and CeCe had hung on the wall behind them.

“Why should I even vote for it? I haven’t even read it yet,” Schmidt said. “This is just one of your harebrained schemes yet again, Jess and…” CeCe gave him a withering look, “… and I am therefore going to reading it right away! You know? It should be a great story…” Schmidt hid behind Coach.

“Shhh-Whap!” Winston said, and mimed a whipping action, like Indiana Jones. “You are so whipped, Schmidt.”

CeCe got up and started to chase Winston around the living room area.

As CeCe chased Winston, and Winston desperately tried to evade the inevitable headshots, the others continued the discussion.

“But, Jess, I don’t get it,” Coach said. “If the contest’s over, how come Kudos votes are still being counted?”

“According to Rasufelle, it’s to allow readers to catch up, since there were too many stories and instalments to read during the contest proper itself.”

“And until when can we click Kudos?”

“Rasufelle says until the end of February.”

“I probably won’t even be able to find it…”

“Just click this link, Coach, and the Organiser Page will send you to the different episodes! No big! Here.”
( https://bigclosetr.us/topshelf/book-page/77320/eureka-days-n... )

“I don’t know, Jess… I’m not into reading…”

Jess waved two sets of tickets. “So, which would you like, Coach? Clippers season tickets of Lakers?”

“Gimme!” And he made a grab for them.

Nick sniggered. “Coach is so one-track-minded,” he said to Schmidt.

“Yeah,” Schmidt laughed, and sniggered himself.

“Oh, boys…” Jess said and waved a couple of what looked like press passes. “I have here a couple of press passes for the Lakers games. I hear the Laker Girls are debuting a new uniform this year, and they say it's gonna be pretty sexy…”

“Gimme!” The two of them said, and lunged for the passes.

“Arrrgh!” They heard Winston scream. Apparently Cece caught him already, even more quickly than usual.

* Jess, CeCe, Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Coach are from the 2011-2018 Fox TV show, “New Girl.”


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