Is there a point in another round?

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Tomorrow I SHOULD be posting the second set of challenge words for my "random inspirations challenge," but as of yet I haven't seen any stories posted for the first part (unless I missed them?)

If nobody has any interest in this challenge then that's okay, though I hope it's not because of the lack of a prize.

Melanie E.


The contest is different from others and to be honest, it ...

intimidates me. I have entered many contests but only when the challenge sparks a story idea. {My mind works outside the 'box', my wife used to say I didn't even know there was a box.} For me the 3 random words idea simply hasn't ignited any sparks. Add on that I recently started a part time job as a school bus aide after 3 years of retirement and I'm still adapting to that. {I got the job for something constructive to do as well as step up as a patron.} I am interested in reading any stories that might be generated.

I really appreciate your efforts to foster contests and to me the prize is unimportant, simply being acknowledged is enough for me.

Boys will be girls... if they're lucky!

Jennifer Sue


They are the wrong set of words? Some words inspire me and some send me to sleep.
The current ones didn't get my creative juices going.
A different set of words may well result in some entries. Please don't give up just yet.


the next round may inspire someone

Nothing jumped at me from the first list and I have had bad luck trying to force a story like I did for the last contest ( I have four and a half chapters that flounder and go nowhere). It just doesn't work. If those words didn't do anything for anyone the next ones might.


I didn't have time to write a story, particularly since I won't let myself work on anything else until the next chapter of my serial is done.

But I did have a central concept - peacocks. It was going to be something about surface beauty, where the main character would be reflecting back on working on a peacock farm in their youth. Everyone thinks of peacocks as these lush, beautiful birds, but if you look past the surface, they're loud and smelly and rude. But I wasn't exactly sure what situation I'd be comparing it to. If anyone wants to take this and run with it, go for it.

Redneck Peacocks ??

Loud smelly and rude? And a Peacock? Sounds like some of the people i met in a few of the bars that I used to frequent.

Another round?


Personally, work got crazy busy once again so I don't have much time to write during the week once again as i'm too exhausted to do much more than eat and lay down when I get home.

Sooner or later these random words will spark someone's muse, maybe even mine? And when the muse calls we must listen!

One suggestion that may get more stories going. Possibly post a larger list of random words and change the rules so that the writer must use 3 out of the (10?) words in the story, with points going for any extra used from the list after that?

We the willing, led by the unsure. Have been doing so much with so little for so long,
We are now qualified to do anything with nothing.

Just bad timing for me.

Page of Wands's picture

I actually did think of something for that first set of words, but I've been super-busy all this week preparing for the trip I'm leaving for in the morning, and haven't had a chance to even think about writing anything. Maybe once I'm back in town I'll see if I can get something posted.

Actually, something that might amuse you -- one of my main in-progress pieces was inspired by one of your "Ultimate Writing Challenge" prompts, from 2014! That one's at 20k+ words so far, with plenty more plot to go. So don't think your challenges and contests are being ignored just because nothing's been posted; some of us are just reeeeeally slow writers. ;-)


I came up with a drabble or a flash (ultra short short) story for this week's words... It wasn't much, then again sometimes the words move and sometimes they just sit there and say 'je te acuse!'...