What's with wet'n wind?

Talk about changeable weather, yesterday I had rain, strong winds, snow, floods and sunshine - all in one afternoon!

I blame B*[email protected]^t! all those cheap imports coming from cross t'pond! lol

So anyhow, to business and chapter 28 of Summery, Different Perspective is now posted for your delectation & delight! Hope you enjoy it.

In other news:-

  • I've completed two more Gaby chapters this week so far, hopefully i'll get at least one more done tomorrow. there is quite a way to go to finish the current book but hopefully it will be ready before Easter.
  • I am getting out on the bike - despite the weather! there is a but though. Well I've been feeling a bit under the weather, some mild flu like symptoms so I haven't really been able to get my head around riding properly. Bit of a bugr but i'm sure it'll pass.
  • It's not just me who's under the weather, out of 6 built bikes, three are currently quite poorly with a variety of malaise, hopefully I can get two of them back on the road quite quickly, the third, i'm afraid, needs some major surgery. (sigh)
  • The clear out I mentioned Sunday hasn't started yet but to spur me on with that, I spent some time today in a well known Swedish store checking out the furniture I want/need to purchase/fit in. I do now have a sort of plan, I just need to get with the budgeting!
  • And lastly, Maddybell.com is currently down - the domain is out of rent, something that hopefully will get sorted in fairly short order. I will update it, but at the moment I don't have a suitable machine/programme to work with so its on the list of 'to do's'!

That's about it for today, all being well there will be another chapter from Summery on Sunday.


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