Random Inspirations Round 3

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Another Friday, another trio of words!

This week's words are:


Rotten. Spoiled, wasted, or otherwise worthless. Could be in reference to a terrible person, or more lightheartedly toward a character who is doted upon (spoiled rotten.) Other options could include simply having the character in a "rotten" situation, or perhaps dealing with outdated or worthless materials or foodstuffs. Alternatively, the story could be about the Sex Pistols.

Development. Growth, change, advancement. Also often used to refer to housing complexes or other construction projects. Software development, personal development, body development (such as puberty,) or simply plot development as the story goes on.

Accessible. Easy to understand or use. Open to many. Usable. Is it the story itself that is accessible, or something within? Perhaps you go with the opposite, and the pursuit of an otherwise inaccessible goal?

Used together, you have a number of options. What kind of legitimately rotten development could befall your characters? How do you choose to embrace the idea of accessibility in that context as well. Perhaps the accessible element is, itself a bad thing, such as identity theft (personal information being accessed on the dark web,) or mind control?

Good luck!

Melanie E.


Oh that's a tough one...

This has been a fun challenge so far. Round 1 was a bust for me. I was glad to get something posted for round 2. I think I'm going to give round 3 a go. :) I've got an idea churning in my head... Hmmm...