Random Inspirations Round 4

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We had family visiting the last two days so sorry for missing my Friday posting schedule on these!

This next week's 3 words are:


A quick breakdown for 'em:

Hand. An extremity used for grasping and moving things. To pass something to another. A selection of usable options. Helping hand, hand of cards, the hand we're dealt, idle hands, hand of fate.

Needless. Pointless. Inane. Meaningless. Or, alternatively, "needless" could apply as in someone or something without any needs, something complete.

Route. A path, or to direct someone or something along one. Routing the enemy, router, route 66. The route less traveled.

These words have plenty of obvious ways they can work together, so I will skip the normal combined examples section.

People REALLY haven't seemed to have been into this month's challenge, so this is probably the last set of these I'll post. I'll try to figure out something more compelling for May.

Melanie E.

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