Tales of Anmar by Penny Lane

I recently have been reading the working my way through the Tales of Anmar by Penny Lane and found a question. I felt this might be the best place for it.

Out of the four transferees we have seen, three have had a gender change. Unfortunately, we did not see the fourth non-gender change except in the bit where he died. So the question is, did he suffer from memory loss like the others? Personally, I don't think so or if so it was for a very short time.
My reasoning is that while they all have new bodies, only the bodies that are gender changed are sufficiently different that the information has to fit in in new locations in the brain.

Now, you can say that in both cases new neural pathways need to be created for the connection between memories, but the brain in the gender changed is physically different so the placement of the information would also be different. This reason could cause it to go either way. But if both had memory loss, I think the difference in the brain is why it might be shorter and less painful (maybe no pain) for non-gender changed.

Anyways, those are my thoughts. How about you?


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