Happy Day!

It's Palm Sunday!

Happy Day!!

Whether you're Christian or Jewish or Muslim: Happy Palm Sunday, or Passover or Ashura!

In the Christian tradition, the Sunday before Easter Sunday commemorates two things: Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem (which marks the beginning of Holy week) and Passover, which commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from Egypt.

Needless to say, Passover is very important to Jews, too.

But I was also told that it's also very important to Muslims.

To many Muslims, it is known as Ashura, and it commemorates the death of Mohammed's grandson in battle. But, also, it commemorates Passover as well.

During his life, the prophet, Mohammed chanced upon some Jews once who were fasting, in honor of the time of Passover. And when he found out, Mohammed joined them, and celebrated and commemorated Passover as well.

At that time in the middle east, when the prophet Mohammed was still alive, the idea of a monotheistic God was accepted, and it cut across cultures and communities and religions such that, to them, there truly was only one god, regardless of who you were - one thing that isn't as accepted now. Case in point: though he isn't considered the son of God nor the savior of all men by Jews and Muslims, Jesus is considered a prophet. Also, the original Hebrew version of the names Jesus and Mary are Yeshua and Miryam, whereas the Arabic versions are Isa and Mariam. And children are still given these names.

I think that's well worth thinking about, and maybe usher in some compassion for one's fellow man or woman - that one's religion, birth, ethnicity, language or gender & orientation doesn't matter.

Be happy, be well and above all, be kind to one another on this important day. On any day, actually.

Toda raba, baraka Allahu fik, and have a wonderful Palm Sunday.


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