Before Bill Gates and MS

Someone had mentioned a time line for Model Makers. I replied it was written before MicroSoft. It also was before floppies and hard drives. Those of us who built our own computers?, they were two bit binary, also had to write our own programs. Ahh, the trip down memory lane had me question what we used for data storage? We used tape. Yes it was a tape recorder tied into the computer? to hold our programs. We programmed in basic and a thousand bits was a program hog.

I'm not going to say too much about Bill Gates but I really and truly have an unhealthy disrespect for the guy. There were a lot better programs that came at that time but the problem was volume and common denominator. DOS was that common denominator programers found the most common. Even IBM failed to understand as they tried to compete in the public market against Gates. Their expertise was big business and public was not a business they understood. I have an IBM DOS program which is better than MS but it failed to achieve public acceptance as MS DOS was already established.

My own failure at trying to establish a Linear Program for computers met the same end. I'm not sure where it is at or if I even still have it? The problem every computer was designed to run in binary not linear. Could it have been better than binary?

Linux and Apple have stopped Gates from being the one and only computer system for the whole world. Hopefully in the future the world moves away from binary but for the time being, we are stuck with it. And personally it was a great set of training wheels but what a load of crap for the world to be using as "the" standard in computation.
The more we learn, the more we realize we know and understand nothing.

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