Ready Reads: One Week Delay

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I know, I'm doing terrible at this so far.

I spent most of today at the hospital in Capital City (a 2 1/2 hour drive away) and will be doing the same tomorrow. Wednesday is Thanksgiving prep, and Thursday thanksgiving itself. Saturday my cousins have Plans for me.

To put none too fine a point on it, this is going to be a Busy Week, and I just don't have the time or headspace to do Ready Reads right now.

"Tweens" will appear on Sunday. The winner from the poll for the next subject was "High School Daze," so characters 14-18. I guess you have two weeks to make suggestions on that one.

Sorry peeps.

Melanie E.


I forget...

Daphne Xu's picture

Is it for your own health? Or do you work at the hospitals?

I hope that you make through the week, and that you stay healthy.

I also hope to send more suggestions.

I'm behind on reading some of the interesting stories suggested so far.

-- Daphne Xu