This is about all of US, Those who support us

Several weeks back I wrote about the trip down to OKC to the Clinic and then the problems at Costco. Two days later when I returned everyone was more than helpful and accepting. Made the trip to Amarillo today. The weather was a bitch! Sheet ice on the highway. couldn't see the lines as the whole thing was covered and it was all black except the bar ditches and fields covered in snow. Growl strips are on both sides of the Interstate and I was trying out both sides trying to find the highway. A kazillion semis were out there too. It was so foggy, two car lengths ahead was total white out. Thirty to thirty five was a good speed. Better than good as I started sliding and wobbled across the highway four different times. Impossible to control it, just try and keep the front end in front. Started with two extra hours to spare and was running late by the time I got there. Think I left gouges in the steering wheel from gripping it.

Back on track here. Last month the VA notified me they finally accepted me as transgendered after I buried them in my medical files. Yesterday they told me they wanted me to bring all my medical with me when I met my primary care doctor. Four years back I was assigned a new doc by the VA. She has been more than accommodating and helpful in going way past standards. She is my doc and I was there talking to her today. She told me she has taken up studying transgender since meeting me. So little is known or understood about transgender by any of the doctors and staff, she started researching it.

I told her she was wasting her time as I was probably the only one she would ever meet. She said no, I was the first and since then she has found others and now has a transgender group. Four others and they have meetings and share data. She had asked for my data because she was using me as a guide and reference. I'm still her only VA trans but she was going to push the Amarillo VA into understanding who and what transgender was and what it wasn't. No one had read anything about the research done on the transgender brain, until I dropped all my data on her a year earlier.

We talked for about an hour and it was mostly about transgender and what most can realistically expect if they go part way or if they go all the way. Everyone must keep in mind there are so many variables and each individual is different. Harry Benjamin started it and everyone wants a definite pattern. Every trans has to meet that set of rules or they aren't trans. She wanted to know if I was using my female voice? I told her no. I shift gears to use my female voice, As I have said many times here on this channel I get ma'am if they don't know me or aren't looking at me. For my "real female voice" I drop an octave and rise and fall in pitch. Keep in mind, GG are human too and not all of them rise and fall in a sing song lyrical voice. It is a common denominator though.

Catriona is singing here but it is easy to hear and understand the rising and falling in pitch. Females do this naturally but less noticeable unless one is interested in studying the differences in voices from male to female, nation to nation, even different areas in a nation.

We have one more who is trying to understand us. It's not a world shaking event but every little bit helps. I included the research proving those who receive support and help at an early age are less likely to attempt or commit suicide. Possibly those she is working with will have an easier time finding the life they are driven to find. I wish I had known she had others. I will mail out the data I have on finding the least expensive meds and what cons they need to be leery of.

I thanked her for not being afraid to get close to me as so many believe what we are is catching. She told me she was interested.

I wish everyone happiness. I pray you aren't trans but if you are, small pieces are put in the puzzle of putting a complete picture of us. If I can make it easier for those who follow, teach those on the outside looking in and understand we aren't an abomination, maybe my life wasn't wasted. Sitting here looking at the papers I have on transgender, the stack is about six inches tall. Not all is relevant any longer. Some will be redundant. "Same thing, different source." Just how long have I been researching? Ever read about Christine Jorgensen? She wasn't the first like the news claim. She was well shredded by the news as the ex GI though.
Life is a gift. Treasure it until it's time to return it.

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