No TR this week :(

My apologies to all of my readers who were looking forward to Twice Removed this week, but circumstances have made it so I can't post it this week. I've been unexpectedly busy the last few days and haven't really had the time to finish the chapter. Add to that the fact that I've been having trouble sleeping again the past 2 nights and well, I could push to finish it for today, but doing so would be a rush job and not up to my usual standards. I'm just too tired, and not thinking clearly enough, to do a proper job of it at the moment so it's better to just delay it a week and let myself finish it when my brain is working properly. I'd much rather wait and put out a good chapter that I and my readers will be happy with next week than put out something half-assed today and written in a sleep deprived state that I'd end up changing later after asking myself "what the hell were you thinking?"

*big hugs to all my readers and BCTS friends and family*


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