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What ever happened to nylons? Yes, pantyhose largely replaced them, but you can still buy garter belts. What are they supposed to hold up if you can't buy nylons?

The various thigh-high "stay-ups" you can find are made out of the same material as pantyhose, but that's nothing like nylons. Nylons were stockings that came in different sizes, had their own shape, weren't "one size fits all."

Sure, for $50/pair you can find vintage "new in box/envelope" nylons, but the sellers aren't sure what the sizes are, and who's going to pay that much for a pair of nylons?

How come no one makes them anymore? There's been increasing interest in lingerie and sexy clothes for over a decade now -- look at Victoria's Secret. (Yes, I know they're in trouble now and may close many stores, but that's because of the current economic climate.)

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