Misgendered in the right way

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For the last year and especially the last six months I’ve been more out and open with my presentation. I got my ears pierced (it took 3 tries for the left one!), usually have my nails painted, and have been letting what’s left of my hair grow out.

I dress as femme about 80% of the time, while presenting as male when necessary ex officio.

The other day I went to the grocery store in my sort of male/androgynous mode. I was wearing my HRC LOVE baseball cap, which several people have liked. It also covered the bald crown of my head. When I got to checkout, the lady working the register was apparently in training. She needed help from a couple senior people who were standing by to explain how to change the sale price on a bottle of milk. I’m not sure if she spotted my fingernails or the hair around my neck, but she addressed me as “ma’am”. The first time I wondered if she had said man? But she said it a few more times.

Since she was obviously a novice, I didn’t want to make her job any more difficult. So I inwardly smiled, let her finish the checkout and thanked her. But I walked back to my car with a big smile!

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