Abducted! Contest Final Day, and April Challenge Announcement!

A word from our sponsor:

Just as a reminder for folks, today is the last day for entries to go up in the 2023 "Abducted!" story contest! I'd originally intended to give people 'til midnight their own time zone and go on trust, but for simplicity's sake I've been asked to move that to midnight PDT (or, just under 16 hours from the time this blog will post.)

Voting will begin on the 25th, most likely via a poll on Patreon.

At this time, the prize pool is as follows:

1st place: Two (2) DopplerPress books of your choice, plus a piece of artwork by me (to be redeemed when we get the rest of my things out to California.)

Runners up: The next two most highly-voted stories will each receive one (1) DopplerPress book of their choice.

In addition to THAT announcement, I'm also pleased to tell everyone about our story event for April!

The April 2023 "Take Your Daughter To Work Day" Story Challenge!

Concept: It's Take Your Daughter To Work Day! What (miss) adventures can your protagonist get up to? Are they the parent of a trans child, or trans themselves? Or the child in question? or something even wackier?

Story length: Any, single or multi-part stories welcome.

Rules: Stories must include at least one trans character in a major role. Contestants may enter any number of stories they desire into the challenge. Stories must be original pieces written for the challenge and, if fanfic or a spinoff of another series, should be able to stand on their own.

Deadline: April 30th.

Please note that April is a story CHALLENGE, not a CONTEST. As such, there will be no prizes offered nor voting taking place. Have fun and go wild, and I'll be looking forward to what people come up with!

A big thanks to everyone who's already entered the March contest (and those still waiting to post!) I've loved seeing the fantastic response the prompt has gotten.

Melanie E.

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