Anything For A Moped

I am reading the story in Crystal's Story Site "Anything For A Moped", by Dawn De Winter, and I find it very confusing. First of all, Kyle makes a deal with his mother that he can buy guy looking clothes in the girl's department, and nobody would know the difference. Then his mother adds to the deal, that Kyle wear a sports bra, and panties, but that he should watch his movemets or the bra would ride up. Then he gets to playing hoops with his friend Jason, who immediately says he is playing like a girl, and yet, Kyle is watching his movements so he is not discovered. The sales girls immediately start teasing him, and he gets propositioned in a restroom.

Let's take this one item at a time then.

1. First of all, the deal is Kyle dresses in unisex clothing bought in the girl's department. His mother takes him shopping to buy the clothes at Macy's department store in Des Moines, Iowa. The one exception is that Kyle has to wear girls panties, and a bra. The salesgirls, immediately start teasing Kyle. Let's stop here.

I have been to Macy's in both Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Chicago, Illinois, and not one of the salesgirls were the least embarrassed by me shopping for women's clothes for myself. They even let me try everything on. In the lingerie section, I never had a salesgirl approach me to ask if she could help me. And, never once was I ever teased for buying my own clothes. The only reason a sales person would ask if you needed help is, if you look undecided or unsure. With his mother there, there was no reason for a sales person to even aproach Kyle and his mother. I know this is fiction, but I have to take issue with it anyway.

2. Kyle takes the panties and bra across the hall to the men's room, where he is propositioned by a perverted man, who likes young boys. The security guard finds him hiding in a satll, and immediately jumps to the conclusion that Kyle had been soliciting.

A deaprtment store security guard woud not jump to these conclusions, without asking why he was there and getting an inprobable explanantion. In this instance, the security guard had no reason to think that Kyle was selling himself in the men's room.

3. While Kyle thinks that there are girl's clothing that can be worn by boys, he obviously didn't investigate enough to know that, even though there are Jeans for girl's and boys, the cut for a girls jeans is so that it fits her curves. Even if the jeans are straight legged, it is the waist that would give it away. Now while most boys wouldn't see the difference, the girls would.

4. Kyle didn't have to worry about his bra riding up, because it was a sports bra, and would look like a muscle man t-shirt inder his regular shirt. So the advice his mother gave him was not correct.

5. And...all Kyle would have to do is tell his friends he had made the deal to get a moped, and they could even ask his mother. Like I said, I know this is only fiction, but it is very unrealistic, because nothing like this is even possible, because Kyle, or any boy would not be able to attend school in girls clothing. That is for the security of the school, and his personal safety too. How easy would it be for one of his friends to bring a gun to school and shoot him?

This story is very confusing to read, because there is subplot after subplot on top of the main plot. I may know the fallacies of this story, but I will continue to read it since I already am at Chapter 8. But it is not a story, that most boys, macho or not, would dare to delve into. I know women that wear men's jeans and shirts, but if a boy were to wear girls jeans and shirts, the other girls would know right away, and in a high school he would be teased, beaten, and almsot killed, if not killed out right. But also, even at a school in dry Iowa, he would not be permitted to attend school attired in girls clothing, unisx looking or not, because the first female teacher he had would notice this and send him straight away to the office to be dismissed for the day. Even though we have a right to wear whatever we want, the schools have a right to maintain security, and allowing an obvious boy to dress as a girl, just isn't done...not in Des Moines, Iowa, or anywhere else that I know of.

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