Splitting Big Closet

This is just another example of Erin trying to do her best for the numpties out there.

I see only one positive for the bifurcation of this site and that is to split away the definite adult stories from those that are non-offensive. This would possibly allow younger readers to become involved, but that would have inherent issues of its own.

Regardless of how tasteful or inoffensive the stories may be, the parents of said youths, may take offence at the content, despite the prose containing zero sex, zero foul language and zero fetishistic content.

This leaves those of adult age.

The problem is, that no matter how diligent Erin and her awesome staff are, someone, somewhere will always find something offensive in something.

Some people find the idea of TG stories offensive anyway, so there would be no pleasing them.

So where does the line get drawn and how long has Erin got to hold the hands of those who are quick to take offence?

How long is it going to be before people who enter this site of their own free will, take responsibility for their actions and realise that the idea of a TG site in and of itself is to many, offensive?

If you don't like the possible content - don't enter in the first place.

How long is it going to be before someone learns to stop reading if they don't like something rather than berating the author for their choice of styles, content or whatever?

To Erin I say:

You can't please everyone, so don't even try.

You have a wonderful site here, but it seems to be marred by a few who feel that their whims, fancies and frailties are not catered for to the letter and these people have been known to lash out in comments and PM's at the authors.

People who come here do so at their own risk. They should know what they're getting themselves into before they even start reading and if the material they start to read doesn't appeal


It's not rocket science.

The tastes of people is already catered for to the nth degree with the keywords and so forth, so it angers me when authors are slammed for their prose.

It angers me too when I read that Erin is trying desperately to cater for all tastes - in my opinion, a fools errand.

Take responsibility for yourselves - don't put the onus on someone who already works too hard to provide something that is available nowhere else on the internet.

Nuff said.

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