I'm back

It's been a rough few months. My wife of 36 years passed in mid-June after a 9 years of being bed-ridden during which I was her primary caregiver. She had MS with complications and we both knew the outcome. Still, it took a lot out of me. We'd been dating since high school, 41 years ago, and I've never done anything as an adult without taking her into consideration, especially during her illness. While I miss her, she's in a better place waiting for me. She told me she'd be waiting for me but that I should take my time. I have her ashes, and when my time comes I'll be added to hers so we'll be together forever. I have a hollow cross with some of her ashes inside that I wear with her rings on a necklace.

My fate was not to be alone. A month after my wife passed, my 84 year old mom collapsed so I moved her into my home and am now tending to her.

Through all this I've been working full time and have been active in our church, teaching the confirmation class for 4 years amongst other things.

Needless to say, my muse took a bit of a vacation.

With all the upheaval, I'm just getting back into writing. I'm trying to whip up a ditty for the Halloween contest and tonight got permission to begin posting a Canon story for The Center serirs by Lillith Langtree. Look for THE CENTER SMELLS. Then I plan to get back on course with my previous writings.

Life is never dull, nor do I ever seem to have enough time, but I go on doing what I can when I can.

Jennifer Sue

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