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For the last while, instead of writing stories, I have been perfecting a long held skill. That being the creation of barriers that stop me from writing those stories. Something, I'm sure in which I am not alone, but I thought I would write about some of my current favourites. If for no other reason than to start at the beginning of an idea and take it to an end.

Spacial awareness - Due to problems initiated by one of the classical elements and exasperated by another of the classical elements, I have been forced to move for a number of months. And though the new space is satisfactory, it seems to have put a damper on my existence. The light isn't right, the space is not as comfortable, I have to deal with things beyond the things I already don't like dealing with, and it just leaves me out of sorts.

Technically that's not right - The words be been, was were, and has have are messing me up completely. As soon as a sentence is written with any of these words (and I write lots of sentences with those words) they become shining beacons of wrongness. I wish there was a blind spot that allowed me to just continue, come back and tweak them at another point, but I find myself thinking about the effort of tweaking at a later point (even though I will have a better palette in general upon which to create) and I question the likelihood of following through with the corrections. My most likely method in dealing with these words is to drag a tab from Chrome and cover yWriter.

Scope Outlast - I am in serious need of a short story idea. I need to start and finish a story, but just about every idea I have these days will required 20000 words, not 5000. The only somewhat manageable idea I have is one that does not quite tie together from a historical perspective. Furthermore, it's based upon someone else's work and the two times I've done that, the results have been disastrous.

Nom de Porn - I've come up with a nom de porn that amuses me much more than it should. Therefore, I've attempted to create a story that is much more one handed in nature than what I've already written. My problem, I'm guessing a story should not have 5000 words of character and world development before the bonking gets going.

Lazy Boy Reclining - Never will I deny that laziness and procrastination do not own their rightful place within my psyche. However, I'm not sure if they or lack of confidence are really playing that big of role in stopping me. I like the ideas and directions of most of the stories I've been attempting, though maybe I'm unsure if the effort required is worth it. It is much easier and oftentimes enjoyable to tell myself a story than to write it for others.

Winter blahs - Blah, winter!

Hopefully, I will dig under, climb over, or burst through some of these barriers.

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