Well I got curious after Steph (Cyclist) mentioned the Gogiati test in one of her replies so I googled it and took the test.

I scored -50 That is Androgyne 3 and that is eeerily close to my mind set at the moment.
It recommends that I don't go for anything radical and indeed I never had any intentions of doing so. I am happy with my little boy bits and never felt the need to go 'whole hog' for SRS.
However the notes go on to advise that I continue in my transgendered mould that is, dividing my life up between homme and femme periods. Suggesting that I should explore the feminine side further. This again is uncannily close to my life-style at present for I am taking hormones and growing boobs. 4mg Progynova and Spirolactone daily for two years under medical supervision.

Just how accurate can it be!!! I am certainly 'coming out' more but the site still advises caution in my lifestyle. That however, I think reflects the somewhat more transphobic situation that prevails over the pond.

So far I have never received any abuse or threats whilst out en-femme though a couple of kids have asked me about wearing my 'Alice Band' in my hair to keep it out of my eyes when I'm going about my property repairs whilst en-homme.
The kids were 10 and 11 and they couldn't seem to reconcile my quilted workmen's jacket, jeans and boots with my long white hair held up with an alice band.

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