Hit me with your best shot!

So recently, I posted chapter 2 of my story "Aurora"... It was subtitled "Trick or Treat?"... It's possible that you didn't see it, as I've only managed 2 comments on it... Then again it has gotten over 1600 reads/views at last check.

Now admittedly it was a long wait between parts one and two, and it's possible that you read the lastest chapter at TGFiction.Net or LG Tales instead of here, but I have gotten NO NEW comments at either of those sites either.

Do you not like the story? Did I write it so horribly that there is nothing polite to be said? Did I stun you into submission with the cliffhanger ending?

Part three is all but finished, and I'm waiting till I know how part4 is going to go together before I post it, but honestly, the lack of ANY kind of response (Cept for the 2 kind commenters, Rami and Stan) has put me off.

So here it is, my asking for you to "Hit me with your best shot!"

Tell me why you hate it, tell me what I did wrong, but tell me SOMETHING!


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