M2F girl featured in two-part story

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Just found this on line at the Tulsa World website:

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Becoming Katie

Katie Hill wasn't born a girl. But she always knew she was meant to be one.

Katie was born at 15. Luke is just a painful memory.

Luke Hill is now just a memory in the minds of those who loved him, a blue-eyed ghost in a portrait. Katie Hill is flesh and bone, long hair and limbs, breasts and eyelashes. A happy 16-year-old who believes it's not her fault she was born into the wrong body. And by burying Luke and becoming Katie, she has righted what nature made wrong.

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Link: http://www.tulsaworld.com/specialprojects/news/becoming_kati...

Add: I just finished watching a wonderful video about this brave young woman! It's at the top of Part 2, the picture of Katie applying her make-up is the video, I hadn't noticed it earlier.

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