Oh for Gosh Sakes FM!!!!!

Who REALLY cares?

A few months ago one of the "writers" on this site asked if anyone minded if he rewrote their stories and published them under his name.

I stated flatly I didn't want him to go near mine and to my knowledge he hasn't. Of course I don't read his stories all that often so . . . when a tree falls in the forest????

However -- a whole gaggle of authors told him they didn't mind at all if he doctored their stories. To a confused person what sort of license did that provide for "rewriting"?

I've asked a couple of authors if they would mind if I rewrote their stories and then did, giving them a different perspective. Those authors have read the rewrites and were okay with the process, especially since I told everyone at the top of the story what I had done.

If a confused person watched that process and decided it would be okay to cut and paste passages from other stories, am I at least partially to blame for showing a bad example?

I'm not being a character witness for anyone and will stay out of the judgment business except to say "NOTHING is ever black and white."

Several of my favorite authors have been accused of plagiarism: Stephen Ambrose, Rowling, and that Shakespeare guy. Of course in Shakespeare's day they had another word for plagiarism -- they called it "writing".

Aren't a few of us taking ourselves a bit too seriously?


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