Plans for the Future.

Plans for the Future:

Danielle Krieger

Just a little bit of a "head's up" on my plans.


Okay, boys and girls, many of you who have been reading Marked Target know that the story is about to come to a head. It's going to get down, dirty, and our heroine is going to go through some things. That's a given. For the record: I have no plans of stopping work on Marked Target to implement any of the following ideas. First, Lex's tale gets finished. Then...

Idea #1:
You may see Dr. Hank McCoy get ret-conned. Though, do you realize how hard it is to find a PG-rated "Rule 63" pic of our boy Hank? Gods, it's difficult. >.<

Idea #2:
Yep, I've already spoken with Lilith and cleared it. You will see Jennifer Walters as She Hulk in the CRU. In the beginning, expect plenty of "wardrobe malfunctions".

You're welcome.

Idea #3:
I also spoke with Lilith and cleared this character. Technically, she's "Nocturne" who is Nightcrawler's daughter in the comic canon. However, for our CRU purposes, this will be Kurt Wagner as Nightcrawler. I'm still debating names for after the change, but this will be the first German metahuman in the CRU, to my knowledge. Herzlichen Glá¼ckwunsch an Deutschland! xD

Before you ask: No, this one won't be in German. Some parts will, but not all of it. And, yes, I will translate for English speakers. ;)

*triumphant sigh* So... that's the long and short of it. So... Questions? Comments?

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