Arguing with my muse

Well, the last couple of days, I've been arguing with my muse, and its been going like this:

Me: Time to get working on "Quest"

Her: I'm bored of that story. I wanna do something else.

Me: Like what?

Her: Like a sequel to "The Dead Kid,"

Me: Hmmm. Okay, lets see what that looks like ...


Me: I dont know, it might be too close to the first one.

Her: Not a problem. We could do another autobiographical story.

Me: I do like talking about myself...


Me: Its so much like the last couple of autobiographical pieces. There's just not that much new here ...

Her: Its a different POV, that's got to count for something.

Me: I'm not sure ...

Her: Okay, we'll come back to that one. Hay, we could work on that fanfic, or that new super-hero story!

Me: Fine...


Me: We're not getting a lot done on those right now. Why can't we work on "Quest"?

Her: Idk. Its just ... not there right now

Me: Okay. Let's take a break and see what comes up ...

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