A stressfull day

Well, yesterday was rather stress-filled. First, I had to stay awake longer than normal so I could get new glasses with a "associate appreciation" coupon my work gave me. An extra 10 % on one purchase so with the staff discount added, I got 20 % off. Glasses still cost nearly $ 400, anyway. And of course, because my coupon is in my boy name and I was in femme mode, I had to explain my situation to the sales lady, not fun.

So I finished that, went home, and tried to get some rest before work, and ended up getting much less than I needed, which doesn't exactly make me Miss Wonderful to be around.

Then, I had to go to my brother and sister-in-law's for supper for my mom's birthday, and I found that to be its own stress. They aren't in favor of my transition, to say the least, and I found the use of my male name and male pronouns harder to take than normal so I left as early as I could to go to work.

Then at work, it felt like nothing could go right - I'm sure I didn't get all the stuff out, and they were really stressing about that, and then a co-worker was having back problems, so I offered to give her a bit of a massage - it didn't help, and my boss heard about it, and apparently that's a no-no, so I could be in some trouble.

All in all, I'm feeling like crap, and hoping a good sleep will make things better. Blech.

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