I have just rediscovered Benidorm

No, not the Spanish holiday resort, but the UK TV series based upon a set of Brits on holiday there.tim healy.JPG

I saw the very first episode and never watched again until I happened to hit on it by accident. It shows Brits in the very worst way, and the humour is in incredibly bad taste - and yet is funny because of it. But then, I think the best of humour relies on being able to recognise, and laugh at, yourself.

So, the reason why I'm writing here is because actor Tim Healy (the Geordie builder from Auf Wiedersehen, Pet) plays the part of cross-dressing Les. Of course, much of the humour comes from his attempts to dress. (Indeed, several days after watching, I am still giggling about him running to the rescue of a drowning swimmer in a Baywatch swimming costume!)

However, what I find incredible for such a programme, is the enlightened attitude to his activities - all the characters, many of whom are not the most liberal-minded, accept him for what he is without criticism.

So in spite of making Les look ridiculous, I believe that bringing such a radical(!) outlook to the British public helps to create an attitude of acceptance by all.

The series is on ITV1 on Fridays at 9pm. If you can watch it, I'd recommend it. British viewers can watch on Catch up, but international restrictions limit overseas viewing. And, if you are able to laugh at yourself, it is extremely funny.

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