045) Busy Week

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OK, so, I've been "out" for a while. Just about everyone knows about me, lots of people who passed me with only a casual glance were already seeing a girl... So it was time to take the next step and drop the male facade completely.

Last Sunday I went to Dillards to get color matched for some foundation/concealer to hide away my beard shadow that is there even immediately after shaving. The girl who took care of me was named Dima and was very nice, I'm definitely going to her again when I'm ready to expand my makeup collection. She decided to try two different products from the same line, and have me wear test them and come back Monday to purchase what I wanted.

When I returned on Monday Dima was there and got me all sorted, except that the primer we decided on was out of stock, so she went on over to the computer and ordered it for me with free shipping. She then gave me some advice, and sample packets for the primer to hold me till the tube came to my door. On my way home from Dillards I stopped at Walmart to buy my first makeup brush and a thing of lip gloss. I found this wonderful Doctor's Formula pH Matchmaker stuff that I quite like.

I also thought I'd get my ears pierced, but the Walmart I'd went to was out of the set I liked, the next closest Walmart didn't even carry it, and the next closest was far enough away that by the time I got there, they'd closed.

Since then, I've been putting my face on every day, just hiding the shadow and using the lip gloss. Overall just a very natural look, with the gloss accenting the feminine full lips that I've always had my entire life.

I've been managing the pool for the Apts where I work this summer, and on Thursday, I went swimming in my swimsuit I bought a while ago. It literally called me to it when I went shopping for JUUST dry beans one day. It's like. Perfect. It's a one piece. Black background with red hearts and blue and white anchors, no shoulders, a small band around the back, and a little red string for around my neck. It really helps to show off my good points while disguising or enhancing my not so good points. The built-in bra component is a push-up type with small pads. Brings my beestings up to the A cup I've been pretending to have using padding ^^

It actually went fairly well, although one of the monkeys kept calling me "Mermaid Man". If he shows up again and starts that again I'm telling him to call me Miss Abigail, Pool Manager, or Pool Girl only. Nice people can call me Abi, Abby, or Drew ^^

Friday I decided it was high time I had a trim to tidy up my mane... But I erred here, I went to "Great Clips" a chain hair cutter. I thought... just a trim... how CAN you screw this up? She chopped 6 months off. 6 MONTHS. Grr. Even after I told her three times "just a trim, enough to make it look tidy." ... I bet she thinks I should stay as a guy and that guys shouldn't let their hair grow.

Saturday was very busy. I went down to the Glenbyrne area to go to the Glendale Walmart, finally got my ears pierced, and then stopped by the Beauty College over there... Was not particularly impressed. I stopped at a Goodwill on the way and bought three pair of white shorts, three pair of jean shorts, a teal top, a white top with a multi-colored band around the bust, and a shirt dress. I closed the pool in my swimsuit and one of my jean shorts - really really short, tight shorts. One of the monkeys standing outside the gate as I was closing up yelled "are you a boy, or a girl?" And I'm like, "Girl". He apparently then runs to older brother who's like, "are you a boy, or a girl?" and I'm like, "what do you think?" He then yells "I'm telling the office!" Soooo... this -COULD- be interesting, but I doubt it. I've already told my manager all about me, and she not only kept me on longer than originally intended, she's offered me additional responsibilities, like taking care of the pool. If she really had a problem with me, she would've ditched me already, don't you think?

This morning, I opened the pool in my tightest pair of white shorts, short shorts again, and my white top with a multi-colored band across the bust. Some residents were heading into the pool when I stopped and asked them for their pool passes, and they didn't say a word about me. At least, not to my face.

I suppose we'll see tomorrow if there're any repercussions from me dressing as I like on the weekend. I doubt it. Especially since I'm going to start wearing some of the jean shorts at work regularly as soon as my new smaller shirts get here. They're still going to be mens, so they won't really fit, but they'll be small mens, so hopefully they'll be a close enough fit that they don't totally hide my developing body.

I'm breaking into the full time. Like. Now. I'm past due, and if anyone else ain't ready, tough cookies.

I'm really much more patient and submissive than I ought to be, but there comes a point where the standstill is just too much to bear. That point is now. Prepare yourself cruel world, for Abigail is here now, and she's not about to sit still while you keep trying to knock her around.


You Are Awesome!

Hi Abby,

I'm always so impressed when I read your blogs! You must be very intelligent to have figured out all the hormone synthesis pathways and how to modify them using your herbal mix.

So, you're poor and have a low paying job, but are very intelligent. Why aren't you a internet millionaire? Just mostly kidding, but you could help yourself so much with a little more money. I never wanted to be a boss or work for myself; low self-confidence, I guess. That seems to be the way to make the most money, but is plenty risky. The next seems to be to get a doctorate, MD or the like. This takes a big investment in money and time. I guess the fastest way into some money might be a 2 yr degree or professional course, computer repair tech, executive assistant, etc; I just guessing, but there must be something. What do you want to do with your life long term? Marry a guy or girl with a career, adopt or save sperm for a GF then be a homemaker?

No judgement, I'm just curious.

Hugs and Bright Blessings,


I can always hope to snag a rich bf... buuuuuuut... not really. That's what the point of the stop at the Beauty College was, I'm thinking of quitting my grounds job and going back to school full time at a Beauty College. There's a different one over this way that I haven't looked at yet. Going to check it out soonish.

I'm going to keep working at my grounds job through till the Christmas bonus check, then quit and see about going back to school.

Why a Beauty College? Just right around a year going full time and I can get my licenses and go to work. It pays much better than what I'm currently making, and I really am kind of interested in it. It was incredible the changes to the way people were seeing my face as soon as I started painting it. And all I'm doing is using concealer foundation and lip gloss! :D

Will I keep at the cosmetology et al business long term? Hard to know right now, maybe, at least until I snag that rich boyfriend.

Honestly, I'm kinda thinking of going to the Beauty College, getting hired on somewhere OUT of Toledo, and then working while going to classes for being an esthetician, then continuing to work using my expanding skills while going to classes for electrolysis. Then maybe start a true full-service salon and day spa with electrolysis attached.

Orrrrrrrr... I could just use the cosmetology stuff to work my way through school for Linguistics and eventually Library Science and become one of those people who spend all their time just looking up information for other people. It's actually a surprisingly highly paid skill.

In the real end of it all, though, all of this is just for me to live long enough to settle down with a guy, adopt a few kids, and be mommy.

Abigail Drew.

Yay, Abby!

I can't be there to cheer you on, so here's my virtual cheering section!

Abby, Abby, she's our gal!

Go, Abby! Yay!

It ain't much, but it's the thought that counts!


Good luck

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with the new steps you're taking. I hope it all works out for you.



045) Busy Week

Go for it!

May Your Light Forever Shine

Thanks Dot ^^

It's a mixed bag, really. Lots of people are going WTH with the sudden drastic changes in the past week, but... I'm honestly past caring. Not totally, but, like... I'm so fed up with waiting that I no longer care ENOUGH to keep waiting. People can either accept me for who I am or bugger off elsewhere.

Tonight I got to talking with one of the residents at the pool, and she like, ended up telling me her life story... She was easy to talk to, and apparently I was even easier to talk to. At the end, I'm like, oh, and what's your name (and darn it all if I've already forgotten, oh well, it'll start building in my head over the summer), and we actually get to, like, introducing ourselves. And she was just completely cool with me introducing myself as Abigail.

Another resident tonight didn't give a darn about how I dressed or anything, but I was still a "guy" to them, just a weird one.

Still other residents were quite nearly hostile, though they're so far merely taunting and being idiots. So far none of the ghetto monkeys have gotten violent towards me, but I have a strong suspicion it's only a matter of time.

I've looked up an area dojo, but I can't afford to start taking the classes I'd like to atm. Next month, maybe. Thinking of taking Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do together. Tae Kwon Do is supposed to be really big on lower body moves, which is where all my power in my body is, and Hapkido is just all about deflecting your opponent and then breaking stuff. If the Tae Kwon Do doesn't encourage them to back off, the Hapkido will ensure they can't do aught else.

Abigail Drew.