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Writing Resource Page*

Resource Links for Writing, Publishing, Marketing Books, and more...

Author's Note: So many people have been requesting various features to writing and publishing I finally decided to put up a sort-of Resource Page which will be continually updated to provide a variety of things writers may be looking for. As always, you can go to a search engine and look for this stuff yourself as well ^^ Feel free to PM me with links and sites you find very helpful including: any of the topics here + epub/mobi/azw creating and editing software, editing software for writing and such. All new links by others will have their BCTS user name beside their contributed link(s) so everyone knows who contributed what :)

This Page is now linked at the top of the front page underneath the Contest Shortcuts Box! :D yay!

Check back often for it is continually updated.



*Author's Disclaimer: I make no claims that any resource listed here will ensure a user their claim to fame and fortune. Usage of these links are the user's own responsibility and in no way am I liable. Please feel free to contact me if a link is broken or you wish to add links to the Resource Page.

TopShelf For DumDums - A TopShelf Beginner's Guide by Roberta J Cabot
Member Services
Tanya Allan's How to Publish Guide - Part 1
Book to eBook Converting

1. BCTS member Danielle wishes to let our authors know she is willing to convert their books converted to an ebook format for them. This would only be for completed stories. You can PM Danielle here: Danielle
Site Editors for Editing Stories
Please note there are other editors out here hiding! Editors may also be busy with a full load so enquire about their availability through PM'ing.

[Insert Editors here]
Amazon.com Customer Help Information:

US Customer Service
Phone toll-free in the US and Canada: (800) 201-7575
Phone from outside the US and Canada: (206) 346-2992 or (206)-266-2992
Another direct line: (206) 266-2335
E-mail: [email protected]


To contact Customer Service:

Visit http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=7...

On the right, look for Contact Us

Beneath that you can click either By email or By phone, whichever you prefer.
Sources: http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=7...
Random Book Title/ Name Generators

1. Random Book Title Generator
2. Title Generator by Aabashenya
3. Fantasy Literature.com's Fantasy Title Generator
4. Serendipity 's Random Generators

(It has...)
City Generator
Stronghold Creator
Country Name Generator
Interesting Site Creator
Fantasy Name Generator
French Female Name Generator
French Male Name Generator
Japanese Female Name Generator
Japanese Male Name Generator
Medieval Female Name Generator
Medieval Male Name Generator
Fantasy Novel Title Generator

5. The Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator (Hilarious Book Cover with Title Name Generator)
6. Warpcore Science Fiction & Fantasy Generators page

(Also has...)
Anthropomorphic Personification Plots
Fantasy Name Generator
Fantasy Name Generator II
Fantasy Plot Generator
McGuffin Generator
Monster Generator
Paranormal Romance Plot
Prophecy Generator
Random Book Titles
Random Quests
Science Fiction Plot Generator
SFF Characters
Superpower Generator

7. Robiotics Transgender Story Generator!
8. 20,000 Names from around the world & their meanings
9. The Ultimate Random Name Generator
10. Plot Scenario Generator
11. 7th Sanctum Random Story Plot Generator
12. The Writer's Den Plot Generator
13. Simple Plot and Random Story Generator
14. Jerry Bruckheimer Plot Generator - Randomly generates a moderately complex plot, including suggested actors
15. Donjon's Random Fantasy Adventure Generator page (has a ton of extra generators of all types on the page too! This link sets it on the default of npc. Generates NPC's , Quests, Prophecies, and Dungeons with D & D mapped layouts)
16. **** ^^ Really Cool! Springhole.net Writing Generators - [also check out their Writing & Worldbuilding Page!]
(Generators Included)

Genre Blender
Not sure what genre to write? Let the genre blender choose for you.

Arabian Nights Plot Generator
Generate plots ala The Arabian Nights.

Fairytale Plot Generator
Once upon a time, there was a random fairytale plot generator...

How You Got Your Superpowers - Updated July 30
Every superhero and supervillain came by 'em somehow.

Prophecy Generator
If you're short on something for your local Yoda to babble at the hero, this should work for you. It might also inspire a plot.

The Really Random Plot-o-Tron
Sometimes it makes sense... sometimes it doesn't.

Plot-O-Tron: Traditional Fantasy Edition
Works like the above, but with fantasy-oriented results.

Plot-O-Tron: Science Fiction Edition
Just what it says on the tin.

Creepypasta & Supernatural Horror Plot Creator
Create creepypasta/horror plots. Warning: Not for chickens.

Piratey Plot Generator
Create adventures for your seafaring rapscallions.

Fan Fiction Story Prompt Generator
Ideas for your latest fanfic.

Fairytale Plot Generator
Create outlines for fairytale-type stories.

Plot Punter
Stuck plot? Kick it out of the muck with this.

Plot Punter - Horror Edition
Get the heads ball rolling!

Plot Punter - Romance Edition
Cook up a steaming pot of love and romance!

Plot Punter - Superhero Edition - NEW!
Suit up and get writing!
17. SpringHole's Location / Setting/ Character Randomators

Fandom-Relevant Generator Index
Browse a list of popular fandoms to find generators relevant to your interests, be they Doctor Who, The Avengers, Sherlock, Dungeons & Dragons, or many, many more.

Worldbuilding-Relevant Generator Index
Browse a list of random generators useful for building worlds and cultures.

Name Generators
Names for characters, places, and more.

Human & Humanoid Character Generators
Profiles and descriptions for humans and things mostly resembling humans.

Non-Humanoid Character Generators
Profiles and descriptions for non-humanoid characters - eg, pets, dragons, etc.

Character Detail Generators
Bits and bobs like abilities and personal details.

Genre, Plot, & Story Prompt Generators
Plots for everything from short stories to novels.

Item & Artifact Generators
Generate fictional feelies and/or crafting and art ideas!

Costume & Wardrobe Generators
Clothing and fashion for your characters.

Location & Setting Generators
Places for your story to happen in.

Other Generators
Generators that don't warrant their own category yet.

Randomly-Chosen Random Generator
Let random chance take you to your destination!

Impossible/Impractical Random Generator Requests - And Where You Should Go Instead
Every now and then, I get someone looking for something that's really not doable because it's either too broad or too narrow, so I've created this page to help people find something that should suit their purposes.

18. Coolbits Random Story Generator
Writing Websites (That help and assist you to write)

1. Wattpad - Discover a World of Unlimited Stories
2. For the Love of Writing
3. Writing tips from Authonomy by HarperCollins
4. The Writer Magazine Writing Links Resource List (Lots of great source Links to Sites and articles for how to write ^^
5. Squidoo.com Writing tips Resource Page
6. SpringHole's Writing & World Building Resource Page
Book Publishing Information

1. Writers Market: Where and how to sell what you write
2. Writer's Digest - Write Better, Get Published
3. The Writer Magazine Publishing Links Resource List (Lots of great source Links to Sites and articles for how to Publish your works ^^
Artwork and Photo Sites for Usage in Books / Covers

1. Deviant Art - locate artwork you like, then contact the artist for usage
2. Istockphoto
3. 123rf.com
Ebook Creation and Publishing Sites

* Location of Kindle File's on Windows 7 PC: Kindle File Location - Anesidoras_Urn

1. Amazon's Kindle Self Publishing
2. Booktango! & Its How it works Page and guide is here: (And its free)
3. CNET's How to Self Publish and Ebook (Lists the great sites with the How to guides and a review of them)r
4. Lulu.com Self Physical Book Publishing
5. Lulu.com Self eBook Publishing
6. U.S. Copyright Office including the Electronic Copyright Office
How to guides for Ebook Publishing, Marketing Exposure, and Creating One

(it shows these handy free how to guides that were free or now fairly cheap to purchase...)

1. Building Your Book for Kindle
2. Publish on Amazon Kindle with Kindle Direct Publishing
3. eBooks: Produce, Promote & Profit including Selling on Kindle
Handling Finances from E-Book Publishing

1. Paypal Accounts

Editing Software

1. KompoZer HTML Editor
2. Calibre eBook Manager and Convertor
3. Sigil - free, open-source, multiplatform e-book editor
4. MobiPocket Creator 4.2 - Create an ebook in a few clicks by adding HTML and image files to your publication
5. CSE HTML Validator Lite - free HTML editor
6. Remove Line Breaks Text Tool Page Convertor
7. Remove White Space Text Tool Page Convertor
8. Online Word Counter / Word Frequency Counter Tool Page
Manga / Comic Creating Software - Hardware

1. Manga Studio EX4 available on Amazon.com
HTML Color Code Charts

1. PageTutor.com's HTML Color Code Chart
HTML Learning Guides

1. PageTutor's HTML Beginner's Learning Page
Dictionaries / Thesaurus / Encyclopedias
1. Japanese -> English Dictionary & A sample of how to use it
2. Thesaurus.com - Enter a word in and find other ways to say it! It is also Dictionary.com
3. Free Dictionary.com - Global Dictionary
4. Your Dictionary.com - Multiple Dictionaries and Referencing all in one!
5. Words to Use Instead of Said
6. Writer Synonyms for the Word Said by Janienne Jennrich

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