Social media & Morgan

Ok, I find myself needing help here.

I figure that given the ubiquity of cell phones and the like, there are going to be pics (and even video) of Morgan all over the place from other students after the events in part 6.

Trouble is, I don't *do* Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. So I have no idea how to write up the sort of thing that will likely happen.

So feel free to suggest likely events. I won't take all (or, most likely, even most) but if nothing else they'll hopefully get me into the right ballpark.

I expect there will be pro, anti and neutral posts. (And knowing teenagers, a few near porn posts using any of the topless shots that anybody manages to post).

I am assuming that there will not be any shots from the locker room. But the hallways are fair game, ditto for the cafeteria. I'm also certain that Chris wasn't the only one taking photos & video during the incident in English.

Here's a link to the comment with the "sneak peek"

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