Why I don't belong

I am in an interesting place. One where I have two separate and distinct groups constantly miffed at me.

I have defined my work. I write mainstream novels with transsexual main characters and Christian themes. It is a marriage that people really wish would go away and yet I keep producing epic length books with great characters, believable plot, good dialogue, and a message that says transsexuals aren't only interested in clothing and makeup. But no matter how well I write a story, I seem to piss off both groups that I try to belong to.

Transsexuals have a big issue when you bring up Christianity (as a general rule, there are exceptions). They have been treated so poorly by the church that any time a clergy member shows up they get into a fight stance and are ready for a battle that would rival Street Fighter.

Christians have a big issue when you put transsexuality in a good light (again, as a general rule). If you show someone dating a transsexual they have a fit (Wrestling Against Myself). If you make the goal of your book that the transsexual transitions and is happy, that makes you some kind of antichrist. It seems that the only acceptable fiction that Christians can stomach is when the transsexual comes to their senses and live the gender that God made them. I don't write that.

I could do the smart thing. I could keep the two separate. I choose not to. Their are trans-christians. I'm not the only one on the site. It just gets frustratingly lonely some times. It also gets annoying when I get slammed in reviews from bigots on both sides.

I'm just saying.

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