In-Laws, DyFS, and a Whole Mess of Stuff.....

So shit hit the fan today.

Amy's parents basically told her that I don't care for her, that I'm not welcome as Family any more, and that she will probably be cut off from her family if she doesn't leave me.

And by leave me, I mean they gave her a deadline of next saturday (2 days after the amniocentesis).

In this time, I need to get us moved into a new house. I've had help from some people, and have some money to help, and I'm not going to ask for more, but if you want to help, please use the HatBox and let Joyce know.

Right now, the reason I'm posting this is that I'M PISSED.

Her family has threatened to call DYFS (Department of Youth and Family Services) on us if we don't conform to what they want for their GrandChild.

And while I KNOW there is not even a basis for a case against us, it would be ONE MORE STRESSER in my life that I can't deal with right now.

WHY does people that "pretend" that FAMILY is number one, need to be SO CRUEL just to make themselves feel so important?


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