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Due to somewhat underwhelming sales in its first week even by my own meager expectations (2 copies,) I have slashed the price on my Josie's Con book from 1.49 down to .99 americans.

Should you be interested in helping to support both my attempts to publish and my move to New York in less than 6 weeks, here are the two most relevant links:

Josie's Con Stories: A Collection of Transgender Short Fiction - Amazon US

Josie's Con Stories: A Collection of Transgender Short Fiction - Amazon UK

Not only are the stories in the book edited and many largely rewritten, but there is also the exclusive conclusion to the Josie's Con series should anyone wish to read it, all now for less than a cup of your barista-prepared coffee of choice! Yeah, the book might only be 38 pages, but it's a GOOD 38 pages, even if I do say so myself!

If you can't buy, that's fine. If it's a choice between buy my book or donate to BC, choose BC please! But, if you got a Washington laying around with nothing to do with it... you know where to find me.

Melanie E.


Any other stores?

I prefer not to buy books from Amazon, and I prefer ePub format. Is this available in any other stores?


Not at the moment

And it's in .mobi format, largely because the Kindle previewer does that one fine and I don't know how to do any others/am too lazy to learn.

But... if you've got suggestions for A)simple programs to convert either the original .odt or the .html files to other formats and/or B) other places I might sell from that don't require an initial investment/difficult to understand setup/etc. I would be more than willing to listen.

Melanie E.

Calibre and Smashwords and Lulu

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Calibre is a free program that will convert between ePub (and other) formats, it's available for most platforms and OS's. Smashwords and Lulu are other places to sell that are no harder to navigate than Amazon. :)


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I'll take a look at those later! Thanks Erin!

Melanie E.

Two points here.....

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First, stop worrying about costs to go to NY. How many times do I need to tell you that little sister? If you don't stop this, I am going to buy a few hundred copies of your book!

Second, if you get the story up somewhere else, let me know. I'll buy the first one and give you a nice review again.

Love you sis!


D. Eden

Dum Vivimus, Vivamus

Support your troops!

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How about it people? Is $.99 too much to get a really good book?

In my humble opinion it is worth much more than that, and if we don't support each other here, then how can we expect other people to do so?


D. Eden

Dum Vivimus, Vivamus




{I leave a trail of Kudos as I browse the site. Be careful where you step!}


Yippee! My sales have already increased by 150% since putting out this blog! Wooo!

Melanie E.

As it's Josie...

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Well, that's the best 77 pennies I spent today. :-)

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."


I hope you like the new stuff!

Melanie E.


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I went to buy it, only to find that Amazon UK refused to sell it to me, and for some reason Amazon US wants to charge $3.71. I'd almost get two cups of bad coffee with that kind of money! ;)

Amazon is weird

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Ah, the curse of living in an EU country that does not speak English or German. Both and list a proper price until I log in; apparently looks at my ip address and shows a price almost four times higher. Yet one more reason to not like Amazon... :P

I'd still consider it if it was clear that the money would come to you instead of them...


Smashwords is the easiest, yet most frustrating place to do this. It will make the book available all over the place, but when is anyone's question.

Katie Leone (

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Success at last

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Now that I remembered this and checked again, Amazon was happy to sell it to me for what I figure is $.99 + tax. So as far as I’m concened this mystery has a happy ending – I hope you get your money too. :)

Amazon UK

were quite happy to sell it to me for £0.77.

Thanks everyone!

I'm up to 14 total copies sold now! Hooray!

It might not be a HUGE retirement fund, but it's a start :P

Melanie E.