The Weight of Silence and Other Stories

The Weight of Silence and Other Stories is now available in ePub format at Smashwords and in Kindle format from Amazon. The collection contains three short stories, seven novelettes, three novellas, and a short novel -- over 219,000 words of fiction. Five of the stories (over 75,000 words) have never appeared before.

Here is the table of contents. The stories that haven't previously appeared online are in boldface:

  • The Weight of Silence
  • Rodric and Melisande
  • Creative Commons Souls
  • Quarantine Cove
  • The Manumission Game
  • Wentworth and the Mind-Body Problem
  • Cameron Wilson
  • Noticing
  • Not Beyond Conjecture
  • From Nowhere
  • Scouts
  • The Family that Plays Together
  • Butterflies are the Gentlest
  • A House Divided

Of the five new stories, "The Family that Plays Together" is set in Morpheus's Travel Agency universe; it features characters from my "Scouts" and Morpheus's "Free Vacation." The other four are in original settings, unrelated to any other stories. There are also new afterwords for both the old and new stories.

I earn higher royalties on books sold at Smashwords than on books sold at Amazon, so keep that in mind if both ePub and Kindle formats are equally useful to you.

If you've read and enjoyed some of these stories here or at other free fiction sites, please consider leaving a review on Smashwords or Amazon.

Thanks to Morpheus for his permission to include my Travel Agency stories in this collection.

Also, I've found that Smashwords has made my stand-alone novel A Notional Treason available via Barnes and Noble for the Nook. I'm not sure yet whether they will push The Weight of Silence and Other Stories to the Barnes and Noble store, or how to fix the problems that prevented them from sending Wine Can't be Pressed Into Grapes or When Wasps Make Honey to B&N. However, if I understand correctly, the Nook can read ePub files from Smashwords.

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