Bite me in the ***.

The past is always ready to bite us, um there.

So, twice in the last week, I got mad enough to give someone a through beat down. The up side of it is that I didn't. It would have been easier to take if I had just cried. So, feeling really ashamed of myself, not that the two miscreants did not deserve what I wanted to do to them, I had a good think. I haven't had Estrogen in a week ... I wonder if that caused it? It probably didn't so I suppose I have to assume full responsibility for my un-lady like conduct. Where is Grama to spank me?

Today, I was driving through downtown Portland at about 20 miles an hour with the light, and some guy stepped off the curb in the cross walk and started across the street. In Portland, any pedestrian, in the crosswalk, at any time, has the right away. He just took me by surprise is all. So I sat there in the intersection waiting for him. As he passed in front of me, he gave me the finger ! I was out of my car so fast, and chased him down, and said, wait a minute, I let you go by, so why did you give me the finger? I had actually not remembered that he had the right of way, but that did not bother me until he gave me the finger, he gave me the finger !!!!

So, after I had my say, I promptly gave him the finger and flounced off to my car ! So there!

The only problem was I could not move the car! I had been so full of ire that I put the brake on so hard that I could not get it OFF !!! OH HUMILIATION of humiliations ! I was afraid I was going to be forced to ask the guy I just gave the finger to help me with the brake!

Do you think that God was teaching me to behave? If so, lesson learned, I promise not to ever get mad again!

I still can't figure out how it all happened, because I have not lost my temper in at least 5 years.

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