Somebody made it work

Somebody made it work.


When Sweetie and I tried it, it didn't take, and it was the most heartbreaking thing we had gone through. We didn't even get to meet baby Aiko, and she didn't get to meet us. It was nobody's fault, but it was heartbreaking nevertheless.

But we had each other, and when we said goodbye to baby Aiko, it was a chapter closing, but we made it through. Because we had each other. Thank god for Sweetie.

I think Moe doesn't want to try again, and I can't blame her.

And then I read about Nick and Bianca Bowser. I read with more than a sense of envy, of jealousy, actually. Someone made it work. I wish... I wish...

But I shouldn't feel sad or jealous. We should be happy for Nick and Bianca, and their cute little boys. What a good-looking family!

I think I should let Sweetie read the article. She might change her mind, and maybe we'll try again.

Who knows, right?


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