It could have been worse

It could have been worse

* building in downtown Napa after the earthquake

My ma called us this afternoon. It was hard to understand her when she's worried or excited, and it was one of those times.

"Stop!" I cried. "Non capisco, Mama. Cosa intendi?"

That pretty much exhausted my vocabulary, as bad as it was, but it did get her to slow down. She explained that there was a bad earthquake in Napa CA, but my sister and brother-in-law were fine.

I tried calling and was lucky enough to get through. She said their place survived, but they didn't have water and power. They were told the power would be restored by 1pm Monday at the latest. So their place was okay, but the water in their swimming pool mysteriously disappeared.

I called them again a couple of hours ago. Sis sez a lot of the buildings in town were cordoned off, so they're worried about the structure of their house as well. But they had homeowner's insurance so they'll have their place inspected as soon as they can, and if they need to, they'll move in with her in-laws in Sacramento for a while. She didn't stay on the line long, though, as she was conserving her phone's charge.

Anyway, I'm glad they're okay. If you have friends and relatives in the Napa area, you might want to give them a call, too.


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