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BC Is a Silly Place

Big Closet is a silly place.

At times it seems to lack common sense.

In a world where its users are under harsh political attack Big Closet steadfastly refuses to engage. The logic behind that decision is anything but foolish.

Yet this is a silly place. Defying all economic logic – Big Closet continues to try to exist on donations, knowing full well that a large share of its users are indigent. Big Closet knows that BECAUSE a large share of its users are indigent it MUST exist on donations because a fee-based site would not be able to serve them.


A few months ago, a friend who has read several of my non-TG books asked me to write a screenplay for a seven-minute film.

It was quite an adventure culminating a few days ago when we shot the film.

The film was about a high school girl and her male coach. She had learned that he was considering a job opportunity. He had coached her for five years and would be leaving before her senior year. She was feeling sorry for herself and upset with him. They meet in a gym by themselves.

It was an amazing experience to see actors bring my words to life.

"Pleas" - I Want Some More

Over the last few days, there has been some discussion about Hits, Comments, and Kudos.

Years ago, a few authors did an extensive study on Fictionmania about what s seemed to make a story more popular.

They concluded that the single most important factor was story length.

It was suggested in a recent BS blog that there’s a formula of x% of hits for comments and x% of hits for kudos.

Help for Contest

Melanie (Rasufelle) has announced a contest to start next week.

It is a serial story contest.

I don't write serials but thought I'd give it a try.

Could someone please tell me the basic mechanics for posting a serial story, versus a standalone story.

For example, how do you get the links set at the end of a part so that the reader can easily go on to the next installment?

Any other advice would be appreciated.


Should Big Closet Convert to Hard Core Porn?

No . . . this site should never change its mission. But Erin needs help and I thought that blog title would get you to open this.

A few days ago, I posted a blog that suggested people could support Big Closet by serving on committees to help the site.

Okay . . . so people either don’t like committees (which proves they’re sane) or they didn’t care for the ideas I presented. The response was lukewarm, maybe even COLD!

But . . . out of that blog came a PM from Melanie that got me thinking that maybe the better answer is to concentrate on one area.

Five-Second Rule

I rarely read serials because of the high percentage that are never completed. If I do read a serial, it's after the entire story has been posted.

That's just my preference after two decades of being left hanging out to dry by well-meaning authors who either got bored with the story, or wrote themselves into a corner, or simply had better things to do.

Just today a blog indicated frustration for a story on FM that was apparently quite good but never completed.

Comments and Stars

You suffer through putting your heart into digital form for everyone to see by posting a story.

A day later you check the comments and kudos.

Whoa -- not everyone loves it. In fact, a couple of people say things that leave you wondering if you have any personal value.

What should you do about it?

A while back I asked for help finding software for writing a script.

I poured myself into what will become a seven-minute film.

Thank You, Erin

For years I had this itch and didn't know how to scratch it. . .or even what it was.

I had to write quite a bit, in my business. People frequently told me that I had a real talent for writing. Some close friends said I should write a book.

It wasn't until I started to read TG fiction that I said, "I can do that. Writing is my itch and I'm going to take care of it."

BC Should Charge Authors for Posting

Big Closet is true to its mission to be A friendly place to read, write and discuss Transgender Fiction. However, in order to execute that mission, Big Closet must fiscally sound.

Every month Erin sounds the alarm – and every month the same small group gives financial support. Relying on so few for so much is a recipe for disaster.

Nothing is going to change, unless change is provoked.

I know how crazy this is going to sound, but maybe it’s time to start charging people to post their fiction.

Drain the Swamp

Someone said the other day that in the current political climate it is becoming harder and harder to say anything that doesn’t sound like a slur against one party or the other.

I sat down this morning to write a blog about contributions. I’d decided to base the blog on the question, “What could Erin be doing if she wasn’t constantly forced to spend her time fund-raising?”



In the near future, DOPPLERPRESS will publish Baseball Annie.

This will be the fiftieth title published by DOPPLERPRESS.

Baseball Annie will be the sixth book they have published that I’ve authored. Only two other authors have had more books published by them than I have, which means I have an opinion based on multiple interractions.

As you might expect from an Erin-driven operation, DOPPLERPRESS has been extremely author-friendly. I’m especially pleased by the covers they’ve created for my novels.

Need Help - Script

A filmmaker friend has asked me to write a seven-minute script. He's won several local festivals and once worked for me so I know he's making a valid offer. I've often thought about trying a script.

1.) Can anyone suggest a good inexpensive software for scripts?

2.) Can anyone suggest a good book on script-writing?

3.) Does anyone have any advice?


Dear Commentator

I saw your comment on Amazon about the “book” that I wrote. “Swifter, Higher, Stronger

You stated, “This is an excellent story by Angela that wastes a lot of potential by not giving us even more. We get vignettes of the protagonist's life when we could have had stories. What's here is very good. What's missing would have made this book gold medal quality.”

New Ideas Needed

How are new readers and authors attracted to Big Closet?

Maybe the financial problems could be solved through an increased user base? It would seem likely that the more users BC has the more contributions Erin would receive.

I came to BC many years ago (probably over two decades ago) when Erin sent me an invitation to post here after reading one of my stories on FM.

How did you find BC?

Do you have ideas for attracting more readers and authors?

Is social media being used to attract readers?

Please comment.


Donation Fatigue

Does anyone else get sick of the constant pressure to donate to this site?

It seems like at least once a month we are faced with a plea for more people to step forward to contribute, or for the same people to contribute more.

These pleas are usually accompanied by a sad recital of need due to ongoing expense or emergencies.

It’s tedious.

The only thing that would be more tedious would be to have to ask for these donations.

Obviously, Erin asks because she needs the money. Obviously, asking works -- because the site continues to fiscally limp along.

Should Number of Hits Tally Be Eliminated


A few days ago, someone made the suggestion that if it would help the site run more efficiently that the tallies for hits could be eliminated. Erin mentioned that these tallies consume large amounts of computer capacity. Maybe we should discuss this more.

This is Erin's site. She has the most at stake. More importantly to us users, through her leadership, this site has survived. She knows more about what her customers want than anyone and has skillfully implemented and monitored.

She also listens to comments.

The High Bridge


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I live about half a mile from what is called the “High Bridge” in St. Paul, MN. The high bridge has a well-deserved infamy as a suicide spot -- with seven people jumping from the deck of the bridge which is 160 feet above the Mississippi, during 2015.

The bridge has been closed for several months. They’re installing a nine-foot high barrier to cut down on the jumpers.

Mein Manifesto


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It has taken me eight decades to find the truth.

I’ve long suspected and only recently realized, that anyone who does things that are different than the way I live my life . . . is wrong.

It would be great if I could cut you a break and allow for variances depending on your individual circumstances, but that would prove foolhardy and dangerous for both of us.

Simply put – everything you do that is not something I would do, so should be terminated immediately before it’s too late.

In the future, you should add one simply step to your decision-making process.

I Voted for W

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In 2000 I voted for W. My tendencies are quite liberal, but he seemed much better than more Clinton years via gore. This week I was reminded why I thought so highly of W. when he said the following.

"Bullying and prejudice in our public life sets a national tone. It provides permission for cruelty and bigotry and compromises the moral education of children. The only way to pass along civic values is to first live up to them."

We need to demand civil behavior.


Fool Me Once

There is a definite way NOT to end a book.

Recently I purchased an e-book -- From Man to Woman by Lindy Smith on Amazon. It was a compelling story marred by typos and some continuity issues, but still worth spending considerable time reading, EXCEPT it stopped in the middle of nowhere. From the way it was written, to that point, I would estimate several chapters were missing.

Binary Life


Yesterday, during the discussion of the military ban on Transgender a person who was anti-ban spoke to a newscaster.

He said that he’d served in the military and didn’t believe that trans people were a problem. He said, “You’re either a man or a woman, and once you’ve completed the transformation your become one or the other. End of problem.”


I wonder what percentage of our society believes that?

What is this utter fascination with a binary society?


Will Today Be the Day?

For the last few years, I’ve waited with baited breath every time I’ve tried to open Big Closet.

As I wait . . . I ask myself, “Is today the day?

“Is today the day Erin’s financial woes will finally make life so miserable for her that she’ll give up.”

“Is today the day Erin has to umpire that one more contentious spat between site users that will push her over the edge?”


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